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GFonts Mirror Interface

I need a better name :p

This utility helps create CSS files to load your fonts from a mirror of Google Fonts from Google Font links.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Mirror URL (an Internet-accesible clone of the Google Fonts repo).
    • If your site has low-traffic, feel free to use my mirror :)
  3. Click the Transform button and the CSS will be generated for you!
    • You can use the Copy code button, but sometimes it fails, so keep that in mind!


Google Fonts Mirror

Check the Documentation repo for more information :)


Feel free to contribute to this project! Create an account on my git server, open an issue or a PR, and I'll make sure to review it as soon as possible :)

You can also send me the diff or use git-send-email.


  • Make sure to delete your yarn.lock when a new pb-parser commit is pushed.


Right now the only instance of this interface is mine, and the only Google Fonts mirror that I know is mine.

I try to maintain everything and help everyone to achieve decentralization, but at the end of the day I'm just a random woman.

Do you have a Google Fonts mirror?

  1. Add a comment to the issue using the template, or
  2. contact me

Do you have another instance of this interface? Please, contact me!

Thank you :)