Tweaks to the Forgejo instance.
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Forgejo Tweaks

Tweaks to the Forgejo instance. This repo is still WIP and a lot of still will be missing here.


The custom/ folder contains the files inside the $GITEA_CUSTOM env variable


Verification is rendered using CSS, which means that it is only available to users of the gitea-modern theme.

Users and organizations that are manually verificated have a checkmark. There are two different checkmarks:

  • Official Project This checkmark is given to organizations that are managed and related to the Forgejo instance.
  • Verified User This checkmark is given to users that have significant relevance to the Forgejo instance and its management. This checkmark is only given to members of the Infrastructure organization


These tweaks have the following objectives:

  1. Making the UI more modern.
  2. Making the UI decently stable.
  3. Adding quality-of-life improvements.

Right now, these tweaks do not provide the best user experience and have some bugs (e.g. they aren't as responsive as you might expect).

But this is fine for now, I'll update these tweaks regularly.